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Brain Tumor Center

The Brain Tumor Center at Cedars-Sinai takes a patient-centered approach to care when treating all types of brain tumors, both malignant and benign, for children and adults. The center offers medical, surgical and neuro-oncologic care for primary and metastatic tumors of the brain. 

Because no two individuals respond in the same way to treatment, our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides highly individualized diagnostic and treatment services. Care is delivered in a compassionate, family-involved environment where education and psychosocial support are top priorities. Our support staff has a single goal: to provide the highest level of patient satisfaction with our services. A unique strength of our program is the ability to translate research findings from the laboratory into clinical practice, giving patients direct and rapid access to the latest treatment alternatives. This is especially crucial for individuals with aggressive brain tumors who may have limited treatment options. 

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